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Good Choice

Are you passionate about making a good choice through eating and supporting local food?

The Buy West Eat Best labelling program gives consumers the opportunity to easily identify produce that is grown, farmed or fished and produced in Western Australia.

Your support of the local food industry means that you are supporting our local farmers, growers, and regional communities and that helps to boost our local economy. Food that is sourced locally has travelled much less distances to arrive in market, this means it's fresher, healthier and tastes better too!

The Buy West Eat Best campaign asking consumers to make a 'Good Choice' when they shop was launched in July 2017 with significant industry support and collaboration. Major contributors to the campaign include Carnarvon Bananas, Mt Barker Chicken, Linley Valley Pork, Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) and Amelia Park.

How to make a Good Choice when shopping local

Look out for the Buy West Eat Best logo

When you see the Buy West Eat Best logo you can be assured that you are buying quality food that has been grown, farmed, or fished and produced right here in Western Australia. You can identify these products by looking out for the Buy West Eat Best logo on produce and grocery items in your supermarket or check the Buy West Eat Best member directory

Know what local produce is in season

Knowing and buying Western Australian fruit and vegetables during the peak growing season means you are usually eating them at their best quality and when they are in abundance, lowering the purchase costs. Check what's in season now.

Supporting restaurants supporting local

The Buy West Eat Best initiative not only supports Western Australian food producers but also our food service industry through our restaurant members. The Buy West Eat Best restaurant members actively choose to support the eat local philosophy within their restaurant menus.
Take a look at our list of growing restaurant members here.