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Local Food Producers, Restaurants and Farmers Recognised as #WAFoodHeroes

Acknowledged for their commitment to the State, supplying the best quality produce, creating jobs or just keeping morale high with outstanding cuisine and customer service. A number of growers, farmers, fishers, retailers and restaurants have been showcased through social media, in a campaign designed to build consumer awareness to the ‘efforts’ required to support and maintain the State’s local food and agricultural industry, particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Wanneroo based; WA Corn Growers is just one of the WA Food Heroes to be celebrated. Managing Director Jim Trandos said the social media campaign was a nice boost for an industry working overtime to keep shelves stocked.

“Fortunately, local orders haven’t varied a lot besides from the couple weeks of panic buying where things really went up and down. For us, sticking together and overcoming one hurdle at a time - whether it’s packaging delays or movement permits between regions for product – have been the hardest part of the crisis. But thanks to that hard work, we’re coming through on the other side.”

Employing around 100 full-time and contracted staff across the State, WA Corn Growers have turned their focus to the local market, while national and international markets take time to recover. Mr Trandos believes the shift could mean good things for the environment.

“We produce at least one semi-trailer load of corn and beans per day in WA - 100% locally grown and packed, might I add. By delivering a truly WA product to local consumers we significantly lower food miles, meaning fresher, longer lasting produce and fewer carbon emissions. Plus, a great thing for the economy; supporting local contractors and jobs.”

Buy West Eat Best has been supporting local producers and restaurants for over twelve years, but 2020 has proven to be the most critical year for highlighting the benefits of buying from members says, Program Manager Melissa Worthington.

“We're extremely fortunate in WA, with unparalleled access to stunning seasonal fruits and vegetables, hand-crafted and artisan products and a dynamic and evolving dining culture.

“The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted that for a large majority of our members. That’s why recognising their outstanding hard work and dedication is so important. And encouraging more people in WA to buy local.”

“Western Australian’s are increasingly more aware of how much produce we import and export. Generally, I think we all believe in supporting local, but now more than ever is the time to do that and support the many WA Food Heroes across our community.”