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Restaurant FAQ's


1. What’s in it for my business if I join up?

  • You get opportunities to be profiled in Buy West Eat Best’s promotional initiatives
  • You get introductions to new producers via tasting events and regional food tours
  • You get loyalty from consumers who are devotees of food and are concerned about food provenance

2. How will Buy West Eat Best (BWEB) profile my business when I join?

  • We will profile your restaurant on our website and rotate a ‘feature member’ every week on the home page
  • We will add your recipes to our website linked to seasonal ingredients and feature them in our consumer newsletters
  • Use of you or your chef in public promotions such as retail activations and cooking competitions
  • We will feature your news, accolades and events through our social media platforms (13,000+)

3. What other marketing opportunities exist through BWEB membership?

  • We are developing a range of co-investment opportunities which will cover print and electronic media exposure. These details are still to come.

4. What does the compliance process involve and how long does it take?

  • We just ask you to send us your current menu, ticking off which of the items are grown, fished or farmed in WA and complete the application form available via email or from our web site. 70% of dishes in your main and entree menu meeting the WA fished, farmed and grown criteria earns you a BWEB membership.

5. My menu changes regularly. Do I have to go through a compliance process every time I change the menu?

  • If you are using the logo on your menu it must meet the 70% criteria. Once you are a qualified BWEB member, annuall compliance will be conducted at the time of the renewal of the licence agreement.

6. I support WA producers and the WA food industry but my bottom line takes precedence when I select my menu ingredients. Is there a way I can show support for BWEB without having to sign a licence agreement?

  • Yes, we’re happy for you to display a BWEB ‘supporter’s badge’ on your digital and social marketing platforms. Just ask us to email you the special supporter’s logo.