WA Citrus aims to:

  • Assist develope a profitable and sustainable citrus industry in WA
  • Provide services, facilities and support to assist WA citrus growers supply premium citrus in the local, national and export markets
  • Assist with growing the consumption of Western Australian citrus fruit

There is no doubt eating fruit freshly picked ensures peak flavour. Buying  fruit from local orchards means the shorter transport times and peak freshness.  And it helps to support local families and businesses.

WA Citrus actively supports local orchards to ensure fruit is picked at it’s peak when it tastes good to keep consumers coming back to WA citrus. WA Citrus is grown by many orchards independently owned and operated by families and businesses across the state.   You will find them for sale at local retailers, supermarkets and farmers markets.  Wherever you shop, look carefully at the fruit stickers to ensure what you chose is grown locally.

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 (0)439 899 600
Email:[email protected]
Specific WA information about the WA Citrus Industry is provided by The Department of Agriculture and Food WA Citrus Information