Great Southern Seafoods boasts a state-of-the-art factory with an onsite processing area. Owning their own boat and supporting the local commercial fishing industry means we process fresh local seafood every day for you to enjoy at competitive prices.

The people of Albany and eating establishments enjoy a constant supply of fresh local seafood. The team at Great Southern Seafoods are extremely dedicated and advocate for sustainability and are passionate about this industry and it shows by the high quality produce they sell.

Our customers and staff continually inspire us to fulfill our vision: “Our past, present, and future is dedicated to supporting the local fishing industry and providing our customers with fresh quality local seafood, whilst upholding our belief in the importance of conducting our business with integrity, honesty and reliability”.

Western Australia’s commercial fishing industry provides an example to the world, using sustainable fisheries management practices to ensure our unique marine environment is preserved for future generations

Using sustainable fisheries management practices, our local fishing industry plans on creating jobs and supplying fresh local seafood for generations to come. The Australian fishing zone is the third-largest in the world, yet the entire Australian wild-catch production represents just 0.002% of the world seafood production. More than 90% of finfish caught in Western Australia is supplied back into the local market.

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