When purchasing a Saucy Sue product, you know you can trust that there is truth on the label and that all ingredients are natural.

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Telephone:+61 (0)417 831 962
Email:[email protected]
Saucy Sue products can be found at various markets and orders can be placed via their Facebook page, text message or email.


Saucy Sue’s Savoury Sauce range includes Spicy Mango Sauce, Spicy Plum Sauce, Sweet Chilli & Capsy Sauce, Dad’s Favourite Savoury Sauce, Smoky BBQ Sauce and Tomato Ketchup. Available in 250ml. This range of sauces is great with all of your Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, Seafood, Salads or Vegetable dishes.
Saucy Sue’s Pasta Sauce range includes a Napoletana Sauce, Cacciatore Sauce and an Arrabbiata Sauce. Available in 500ml or 750ml. These sauces are fantastic for all of your pasta dishes. Can also be used as a topping on your Parmigiana, Pizza bases, tacos, nachos etc. The Arrabbiata is fantasist for Chilli Mussels! 
Saucy Sue’s condiment range includes Pawpaw & Chilli Relish, Rosemary & Cranberry Chutney and Banana & Date Chutney. Available in 250ml. These are fantastic with your Cheese platters, Ploughman Lunch and on your Sandwiches or Burgers.