We connect you with local farmers producing delicious food that is regenerating the world. Choose to make a difference.

Our regenerative programs connect you directly to 100% grass-fed animals raised with care right here in WA. Our suppliers include Blackwood Valley Beef (Boyup Brook), Black Point Beef (Scott River) and Parron Dorper Lamb (Badgingara).

We supply a full range of 100% grass-fed beef and lamb across multiple sales channels. Our beef and lamb is enjoyed in many of WA’s top restaurants and can be purchased at independent retailers or delivered directly to your door through our online store.

DCF is the food brand of Wide Open Agriculture.

We work with a different kind of farm.

Farms with healthy soil that’s teeming with microbes, bugs and worms.

Farms that are more resilient with less need for chemicals and pesticides, sequestering carbon and tipping the balance back into our climate’s favour.

Farms that raise animals with care and respect, with grazing practices that allow animals to roam free and wide.

Farms that inspire and strengthen communities.

Farms that grow scrumptious, wholesome food for our families and yours. 

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 434 473 047
Email:[email protected]