Dorper Lamb distributes to both Butchers as well as home delivery. 

Contact Details

Telephone:+(61) 08 9367 3100


Suite 50-15 Labourchere Road
South Perth, Western Australia 6151


  • Easy Carve Leg- This cut is perfect for either the traditional roast or as part of a more different dish.
  • Rumps and Rounds
  • Shanks- Once the lesser lights of gastronomy shanks now enjoy their own stardom. 
  • Fresh Rack- For the rack allow three bones per serve. Score the fat and apply the flavourings.
  • The Shoulder and the Forequarter- The shoulder is the cook’s favourite cut; so full of flavour and succulence.
  • Wagu Beef Tenderloin / Wagu Beef Cuberoll / Wagu Beef D-Rump