All Our Beef is 100% Grass Fed & Finished for optimal Health Benefits. We believe each carcass has the right to taste its absolute best so we Dry Age our beef for a minimum 35 Days for superior flavour & tenderness

All grass fed beef is different, this is what makes ours special.

We believe our Grass fed & finished beef to be superior, earning it's flavour from the soil and grass it grazes on, similar to regional variety seen in wine. Gingin Beef began on my family farm in Gingin, here our Grass Fed beef grazes on unique mineral rich soils. Lands which have been family owned through five generations from the early 1850's. Since 2010, demand for our quality grass finished beef has grown significantly. In response, Gingin Grass Fed Beef is pleased to be able to support other passionate farmers like my families. All beef supplied to Gingin Grass Fed Beef must adhere to the Gingin Grass Fed Beef high standards

We pride ourselves on producing beef of the highest standard being full of flavour and completely natural. All our beef is Dry Aged for a minimum of 35 days with a greater concentration and saturation of natural flavours as well as tenderness of the meat texture. This process involves considerable expense, as the beef must be stored near freezing temperatures, because of this dry aged beef is seldom available outside specialty steak restaurants.  

All our beef is grown without hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified inputs, grain feeding or feedlot confinement. It is 100% organic. When you purchase beef from your local supermarket or butcher, you are more than likely purchasing grain fed beef, beef raised or finished in a large feedlot and injected with hormones and antibiotics.

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