Program members since 2014 Martin and Dustin Michael (yes, they are actual brothers) embody so much about what we believe #WAFoodHeroes to be. Hard-working, committed to quality and sustainable practices – they’re a WA business that’s worth getting to know.

Dustin and Martin
Dustin and Martin Michael

Local people, local produce and local processes. Without a doubt, the first and foremost reason why the Michael Brothers deserve to be recognised is because of their passion for quality, locally grown produce. Born and raised on Redwell Farm in regional WA, these country brothers are farmers through and through, with strong connections to the surrounding farming community.

Michael Brothers Juices and FUNK Ciders are made with WA fruit and the produce travels no more than 500km before they reach people’s homes in a juice bottle or a can of cider.

We like the sound of that! Even better, the two brothers and their small team process their locally sourced produce in a total West Aussie fashion, which involves:

  • Step 1 – A call to the local farmer to source the required ingredients;
  • Step 2 - Fresh fruit & veg is delivered onsite;
  • Step 3 – Produce is stored, and the temperature reduced to 1-2°c;
  • Step 4 - Slow-pressing fruit & veg the traditional way, with no pasteurisation;
  • Step 5 - Bottling the juices immediately after pressing and returning the cold-pressed juice to the cool room at 1-2°c – preserving all the goodness.

Demonstrating West Aussie Resilience – pushing through when others would find it impossible to keep momentum.  

Like so many local businesses, this has been a very tough year for the Michael Brothers. But like countless Buy West Eat Best members, the two boys have taken this bump in the road in their stride – powering through to new heights.  

Martin Michael says, “these are difficult times for everyone, including those that, like us, are so closely connected to hospitality. In saying that, it is also at times like this that we see the start of some really creative ideas and opportunities. It’s in that positive note that we have kept our spirits high, launched an online store, started doing home deliveries, and are reinventing ourselves with new products and marketing.

In light of those initiatives and all the businesses, including us, that have quickly pivoted to stay creative and keep their valuable team employed, the best way to help support local is to buy from local businesses and share the great experiences with their friends and family.”

Michael Brothers Juice Bottling

Behind the scenes at Michael Brothers

Remaining true to the Buy West Eat Best ethos – even during particularly hard times, the boys have kept eyes on making the Michael Brothers a truly WA brand.

Before the pandemic, Martin and Dustin were pressing 10,000 kilos of fruit per week! And supplying to over 200 businesses in Perth and regional WA, but today that number is much lower – and to their credit, they’ve remained true to their process and produce – a clear and final reason we think they deserve to be recognised as WA Food Heroes. 

“At the end of the day, all we do at Michael Brothers and FUNK Cider is about returning to our origins, where we came from and where it all started... at the Redwell Farm, with two country brothers having fun and looking to bring a healthier, brighter lifestyle to the world.”

 Michael Brothers Juice

Michael Brothers Juices


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