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Blue Ridge Marron, Manjimup Truffle with Kanzi & Apple and Potato Soup

Blue Ridge Marron, Manjimup Truffle with Kanzi & Apple and Potato Soup

Difficulty: Easy
Season: Summer
Preparation: 20min
Cooking: 30min

How to


  1. Place the marron in iced water for 30 minutes to put them asleep
  2. Bring a pot of water to the boil and season with a good pinch of salt
  3. Boil the marron for 3 minutes and remove from the water
  4. Take off the claws and place in iced water to chill
  5. Put the marron back in the water for a further 2 minutes
  6. Remove again and chill in iced water for 10 minutes
  7. On a chopping board, bash the clash gently with the heel of a cook’s knife and remove the meat
  8. Using your hands, break the marron shell and peel away
  9. Cut the marron on an angle at the tail end third


  1. Peel and dice the apple into uniform ½ centimetre dice, dress with apple juice
  2. Apply the same method to the 1 potato and boil in salted water for 5 minutes
  3. Remove and bring to room temperature and dress with olive oil and salt
  4. For the second potato, roughly chop and place in a blender with 50ml of water, pulse until fine chunks form
  5. Squeeze liquid out in a clean tea towel
  6. Bring canola oil to 170C in a saucepan and add the potato, cook until golden and strain
  7. Dry on paper towel and season

To serve

Place the two pieces of marron tail in the middle of a bowl; scatter the diced apple and potato. Dress with roughly 100ml of the chilled soup. Top with crunchy potato, fennel fronds, flowers and radish shoots. Finish with a drizzle of Chestnut Grove olive oil and finely grated truffle. Enjoy with a glass of Southern Forests Chardonnay.

2017 WA's Celebrity Signature Dish

Celeb: Rayne Embley
Partner Chef: Oliver Gould
Region: Southern Forests

For the Chilled apple and potato soup

30gm butter

4 Kanzi apples

1 medium royal blue potato, peeled

1 medium shallot, sliced

80gm leek, diced and white part only

1 clove local garlic, chopped

100ml Southern Forests white wine

1 Lebanese cucumber, seeds removed

8 leaves of mint

800ml fish stock

80gm crème fraiche

100ml Chestnut Grove verjuice

For the Marron

 4 live marron – 200gm / 250gm

For the Garnish

1 Sweet GS apple

2 royal blue potato, peeled

200ml canola oil

5gm fresh Manjimup truffle

30 red radish shoots

4 edible flowers

Fennel fronds

Chestnut Grove olive oil

Juice of 1/2 lemon