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What is Buy West Eat Best / What does it mean when I see the Buy West Eat Best logo?

The Buy West Eat Best program is a voluntary labelling and marketing initiative developed by the Western Australian Government to assist local food and beverage producers to promote their products to Western Australian consumers.

When you see the green bite mark logo, you can trust that you are supporting products that have been fished, farmed, grown and processed right here in Western Australia.

Who can use the Buy West Eat Best logo?

To use the logo, businesses must register for the program and enter into a licence agreement with the State Government. This allows correct usage of the logo and assures that you are buying products that are meet the Buy West Eat Best criteria.

Why do some businesses and retailers have a non-WA address on their packaging?

The use of a head office address on retailer packaging frequently raises questions with people. Under the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, businesses are required to have an address at which legal notices may be served listed on all packaged products for recall purposes. Sometimes the corporate head office is the address used, which may be located in a different state, however, the products may be grown, farmed, and processed in Western Australia. When the product carries the Buy West Eat Best logo you can be certain you’re supporting Western Australian farmers.

Why is the logo green in supermarkets but black or gold for restaurants?

Businesses that use the Buy West Eat Best logo have made a commitment to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development through their agreement to uphold the integrity and compliance parameters of the program.

Generally, retailers and producers choose to use the green logo to make it easier for shoppers to locate product in-store, while restaurants use the black logo (or sometimes even gold) to show they are part of the Buy West Eat Best community.

Where is your shop located?

Buy West Eat Best is a food and beverage labelling program that provides shoppers with a tool to easily identify produce and products that are grown, farmed, or fished and processed in Western Australia.

We do not have a store, but you can spot Buy West Eat Best labelled product in most retailers.

Take a look at our member list, broken down by categories, on our website here:

I’ve purchased a product in-store and the ingredients are not fresh. What should I do?

Generally, when there are matters relating to freshness or quality of products, the store where the product was purchased should be contacted.

I’ve noticed a Buy West Eat Best logo on the shelf of a retailer, but the product is not from WA. What should I do?

If you are comfortable with speaking to the retailer, then we recommend you draw this to their attention. If you don’t wish to raise it with them, please email a picture of the shelf and retailer details to Buy West Eat Best feedback.

I know a business that should carry your logo. How do they join?

In the first instance, refer them to the Buy West Eat Best website for information on the program and application requirements.

Who manages the Buy West Eat Best program?

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia is responsible for administering Buy West Eat Best. Monitoring and enforcement activities include:

  • Email to take complaints/questions
  • Free hotline to take complaints/questions
  • Compliance surveys are undertaken at a business or retail level

Monitoring of food safety requirements is already undertaken by the Department of Health WA in conjunction with local governments and does not form part of the Buy West Eat Best program.

How do I become a Buy West Eat Best member?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and complete our  membership application form found here
  2. Email your completed membership application form and food safety documents
  3. Once the application has been reviewed as successful, you will receive a Trademark Licence Agreement to sign and an invoice for the annual fee. The Trademark Licence Agreement allows you to use the logo on products that meet the criteria of the program.

Through all stages of registration, the Buy West Eat Best team are available to answer your questions. Contact us now with any questions.

View our membership guidelines here.