The Loafers range remains premium and exclusive and is available through selected boutique retailers, high-end restaurants and cafes.

Loafers Artisan was founded by two individuals who are passionate about bread and who wish to share their enthusiasm with others. Alaine Guthrie and Damian Norvilas have worked tirelessly to create innovative products that are one hundred per cent wholesome and the couple pours all their energy into continually improving the quality of Loafers Artisan’s baked produce.

We use both organic and non-organic flours and as an artisan bread company, we bake with only the finest ingredients.

We prioritise the use of grain from WA farmers and have partnered with Millers Foods, a Western Australian owned and operated mill. 

Thanks to our highly skilled bakers, we're able to create an exceptional range of producers with a great variety of flavours and textures.

Loafers utilise traditional techniques, with long fermentations where some loaves of bread take up to three days to make.

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Classic Italian slipper bread made with single origin flour from WA's Shire of Dalwallinu
Sourdough made with West Australian flour and lupins. Available in tinned and free form
Made with West Australian single origin flour and an authentic wild culture sourdough