Cambray Cheese specialises in both sheep and cow’s milk cheeses, with the sheep milk products being seasonal. The sheep milk season runs from approximately September through to March, where up to nearly 300 sheep are milked twice a day on the farm...producing on average 1L per sheep per day. During this time Cambray produces a variety of soft cheeses, as well as hard cheeses which are matured from anywhere from 12 months through to 4 years. All Cambray’s sheep milk cheeses are considered ‘Farmhouse’ status, meaning the sheep are milked on the farm, then processed on the farm by the farmer.

Cambray also do a selection of cow’s milk cheeses throughout the year. The cow’s milk is sourced from ‘Walsall Dairy’ a small family run dairy just out of Busselton in Acton Park. Walsall Dairy have received numerous gold plaque awards in the Dairy Australia Milk Quality Awards, with the most recent being in 2018. This award acknowledges they produce the best quality milk based on annual average bulk milk cell count, they were in the top 100 in Australia. This high milk quality results in great tasting cheeses.

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