Our herd of 170 contented cows is made up of 6 very special breeds from all over the world. We milk them twice a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our ladies produce high-quality milk and graze on lush green pastures all year round. 

We have been breeding our Normande Cows for over 20 years and today have the only pure-bred herd in Australia being milked to make single origin artisan cheese.

The happiness of our animals is everything to us, and we work long hours on our farm to ensure this.

We believe you can taste our cows’ happiness in every delicious morsel of our beautiful creamy artisan cheese.


  • Halls Suzette Cheese

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Telephone:+61 0407 773 517
Email:[email protected]
Instagram:@Halls Family Dairy 

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