The orchard produces oranges and mandarins, with a focus on delivering fresh eating citrus into the local market across eight months of each production year. Spanning 210 hectares of trees, the project is a fully integrated operation, having grown the rootstock on location through to the harvesting and packing of the citrus for supply to market.

Navel Oranges
At Moora Citrus, we do a lot of Navel gazing. With the largest number of citrus varieties at the orchard, we certainly do love contemplating a sweetly seedless Navel ornage or two. Moora Citrus Navel Oranges are available from May to October to boost your immune system and vitamin C intake through those chilly winter months. Aside from seasonality, how else do you distinguish a Navel orange from other varieties? From its bellybutton of course! Next time you pick up your local fresh orange, turn it upside down to see the little protuberance reminiscent of a human's navel. These fascinating fruit are some of the most popular and common oranges around.

Who doesn't love having an easy-peel pocket rocket of Vitamin C in the form of a local, tasty and deliciously fresh mandarin? We certainly do. And given the way our consumers seek out our mandarins at their lcoal greengrocer or supermarket, I reckon they might just love our mandarins as much as we do! Moora Citrus currently has two varieties of mandarins available to our WA domestic market boasting low seeds, easy-peeling and packed full of flavour.

We save the best until last! This late season Summer Orange is our pièce de résistance and ensures we end our citrus season with a zesty bang. With most other citrus varieties available only in the Winter months, this unique Valencia variety gives our consumers the opportunity to enjoy fresh, local citrus right up until Christmas. The Midknight Summer Orange is virtually seedless and unmistakably juicy. Midknight’s can be known to be a little fickle though – if you don’t pick them just at the right time, they turn from green to radiant orange to green again! Our Moora Citrus staff keep a close eye on these summer beauties to make sure they’re are picked, packed and delivered to our local consumers right on time to maximise flavour and juiciness. Be sure to get your healthy summer glow with Moora Citrus Summer Oranges.

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