At Smart Berries, we are berry passionate about growing the best tasting and best quality berries.

Smart blueberries are very sweet and juicy. We grow different varieties of blueberries which ensures that we get a rainbow of flavours. Our berries are known for their good bloom, smooth, firm and fresh texture.

We develop new berry varieties the old fashioned way by cross-pollinating by hand. We focus on developing varieties that carry the traits our customers are looking for: taste, colour, texture and size. No GMOs will ever be used at Smart Berries. Breeding berries the natural way is still the best way.

We only grow and pack the best tasting and yummiest varieties of berries. Our WA berries are grown and packed on farms located in Pemberton, Boyanup and Regans Ford.

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 (02) 9704 8300
Email: [email protected]