Chestnut Brae mills chestnuts into organic gluten free chestnut flour, produces nitrate free chestnut fed heritage pork, hand makes chestnuts in syrup, chestnut chutney, chestnut mustard, chestnut icecream, chestnutella and produces chestnut honey.

The farm also has 16 pecan trees, 3 walnut trees, fruit trees, heirloom vegetable, herb and berry gardens, mushroom farms, chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, marron, Dexter cattle, Angora goats and two Alpaca.

Chestnut Brae employs Regenerative Agriculture, using cell grazing for heritage pasture-raised animals to ensure the highest opportunities for building soil health as they feel it is vital to nurture the soil, traditional skills, organic farming, and food diversity in order to foster future food security and environmental sustainability.

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Telephone:+61 409 104 120
Email:[email protected]
YouTube:Chestnut Brae YouTube
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  • Chestnut Brae chestnut fed heritage pork
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