PPP is the trading name for Live To Tell Your Story Inc, a not for profit organisation established in 2013 by a group of passionate educators in Western Australia. Our aim is to use food and cooking as a vehicle to help meet the needs young people in our community while providing training and support for them to develop future career pathways.

Our programs create opportunities for the youth of WA to work with top chefs, local producers and other leaders within the education, hospitality, tourism and agricultural industries, to inspire and educate through programs that support and benefit a wide range of social and community causes.

Djinda Ngardak - Follow our journey back to country and to beautiful Kinjarling, home of the rains or Albany as she is often called. Prepare Produce Provide offer 25 indigenous students the opportunity to attend a life changing camp, shining a torch on indigenous hospitality with our gala dinner Kingarling Djinda Ngardak (Albany under the stars) as they work with some of Australia’s top to develop their hospitality and culinary skills using native ingredients.

The 5000 Meals Project - established in 2012 this project brings together teachers, students and chefs to produce healthy and nutritious meals for those in need using surplus and donated fresh produce.The project started thanks to a group of dedicated Australian teachers who wanted to make a difference. School students learn the skills and knowledge to assist them in pursuing career options within the food industry, while healthy meals are made available to communities in need.

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 0409 970 070
Email: [email protected]
Web: preareproduceprovide.org
Facebook: Prepare Produce Provide