The Sweeter Banana co-operative was formed by a group of growers in 1993. The idea was to develop a recognisable brand so that Perth consumers could identify and purchase their banana of choice, the Carnarvon Sweeter Banana. The co-operative is owned and operated by 25 farmers all on family run farms on the banks of the Gascoyne River.

The Sweeter Banana Co-Operative invented the “Original Lunchbox Banana TM” as a way of differentiating their bananas from those from Tropical North Queensland. The bags serve a dual purpose, one is branding the other is to protect our thin-skinned bananas from damage in the shops.
Sweeter Banana Co-Operative work hard to keep their bananas protected from the wind, heat, cold and keep the humidity in by growing them close together.

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 (0)8 9941 9100
Email:[email protected]