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Sweeter Banana

Carnarvon has been growing bananas since the 1840s and is now recognised for the tastiest and sweetest bananas in Australia.

The Sweeter Banana Co-operative was formed by a group of growers in 1993 to develop a recognisable brand that enabled Perth consumers to easily identify and buy Carnarvon bananas.

The Sweeter Banana Co-Operative is owned and operated by 25 farmers all on family-run farms on the banks of the Gascoyne River.

The group invented the “Original Lunchbox Banana TM” as a way of differentiating its bananas from those from tropical north Queensland. The bags serve a dual purpose — one is branding, the other is to protect our thin-skinned bananas from damage in the shops.

Sweeter Banana Co-Operative work hard to keep its bananas protected from the elements by growing them closer together. And while they take longer to grow, the end result is creamier and, of course, sweeter.