In recognition of Running Wild Fishing’s natural beauty, biological diversity, varied ecological provinces and presence of ancient species, the Shark Bay region has been classified as a World Heritage Area.

As the major custodian of the fishery, Running Wild Fishing takes its environmental credentials and social license to operate in Shark Bay very seriously. Running Wild Fishing is proud to be a member of the Shark Bay Prawn Trawlers Operators Association that recently helped the Shark Bay fishery receive Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification as a sustainable fishery.

Western King Prawns and Brown Tiger Prawns are the major target species caught each year by our vessels for our loyal customers here in Australia and overseas. Running Wild Fishing also catch and make available a range of other species such as scallops, blue swimmer crabs, squid and cuttlefish.

Running Wild Fishing's fleet of prawn trawlers are set up to process, package, and snap freeze all their catch at sea, ensuring a high quality, consistent and sustainable seafood product. Our crews are highly trained to handle and process product to the exacting standards expected by consumers around the world.

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