With two groves in different climates and harvesting times, we are able to grow a range of olives and share resources and expertise between the sites.

Since planting our first trees, we have been striving for the perfect olive oil. And Jingilli EVOO is as close to perfection as olive oils come. It's the culmination of ideal growing conditions, cutting edge technology and a commitment to quality.


Processing happens around the groves, so that our olives can be pressed in as little as two hours after harvesting. Storage, transport and packaging are also done under the supervision of our team. Because we believe you deserve the very best.

Jingilli is stocked in most Western Australian supermarkets and gourmet food outlets. It is also the EVOO of choice for some of Perth's finest restaurants.

Contact details

Phone:+61 (08) 9494 2044
Website: www.jingilli.com.au


Jingilli EVOO produces the following Buy West Eat Best registered products:

  • Jingilli DEVINE EVOO — 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L and 20L