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Known for its rich and buttery flavour, Futari wagyu is sought after around the world.

Meaning ‘two people’ in Japanese, Futari takes its name from Two People’s Bay, the pristine environment in WA’s South-West that is home to the finest Japanese black wagyu cattle.

The name captures the Gilmour family’s approach to farming, blending traditional Japanese practices with Australian agricultural innovation.

The family started with just 40 cows and one bull boasting the best wagyu genetics and have nurtured their animals to grow a 1500-strong fullblood herd that is widely regarded as one of the best in Australia.

The key to Futari wagyu’s taste is the fine marbling of intra-muscular fat that renders throughout, releasing the full beef flavour and giving it a succulent and tender texture.

Chefs clearly appreciate the effort that has gone into the product, with Sandalford and Young George among the many restaurants offering Futari wagyu.

You can also buy it for home via the online shop for pickup or delivery.