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Pete's Wild Caught Barra Wings with Kimberley Slaw & Black Vinegar Glaze

Pete's Wild Caught Barra Wings with Kimberley Slaw & Black Vinegar Glaze

Difficulty: Average
Season: Autumn
Preparation: 20min
Cooking: 20min

How to

Soak chickpeas and lentils 4 days prior until they sprout 

  1. Combine flours, coat Cone Bay Barramundi fish wings and set aside
  2. Make toffee – combine sugar and water to make caramel then add Chinese Black Vinegar and Grapefruit juice, cook till combined and set aside
  3. Prepare vegetables for slaw (a balance in sizes is important), set aside
  4. Make dressing in mortar by smashing garlic and chilli then finish with grated palm sugar, lime and fish sauce and set aside
  5. Heat Canola Oil in deep-fryer (up to 180 degrees), fry wings until golden and let rest for 2 minutes

To Serve

Dress salad just before you serve, place wings on a platter and drizzle with toffee glaze. Place dressed salad alongside and finish the dish.

2017 WA's Celebrity Signature Dish

Celeb: Pete Curulli
Partner Chef: Pete Manifis
Region: Kimberley region

For the Barra wings

4 Cone Bay Barramundi fish wings 

100g chickpea flour

100g plain flour

Canola Oil for frying


For the slaw

200g Rusty’s Kimberley asparagus

200g green beans

200g shaved Japanese pumpkin

1 Grapefruit/Pompelo

50g Ord River Lentils

50g Ord River Chickpeas

Handful Spring onion


For the salad dressing

6 tbsp fresh lime juice

3 tbsp Asian fish sauce

¼ cup palm sugar

1 garlic clove

2 small thin fresh red or green chillies


For the toffee

50g Chinese black vinegar

100g Sugar

50g Water

100g Fresh grapefruit juice