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Science-infused cookbook prevents kitchen chaos - Media release

By adding a pinch of science, former My Kitchen Rules contestant and science communicator, Emma Donnelly, has launched a cookbook that promises to save time, money and make anyone a better cook.

Eat, Drink, Think is a mini cook book with a difference, as the recipes are evidence-based, using simple science explanations and tips to ensure any level of cook’s dishes work every time.  

“Ingredients and food aren’t cheap and these days most of us are time poor – often we rely on luck, Grandma’s tips or old wives tales which can lead to mistakes and a waste of food,” Ms Donnelly said. 

“Instead, my evidence-based recipes are fail-proof and take out some of the guess work with common tricky dishes, such as cooking a steak – my scientifically-guided recipe will help you plate up a perfectly medium rare fillet, every barbeque.”

Other recipes in the book include carrot and almond soup using a pressure cooker, how to make butter and how to make ice cream with dry ice.

Ms Donnelly said most people who cook don’t realise they are actually using a lot of science as they do.

“With egg whites, for example, people usually have a lot of difficulty beating up egg foam for meringues, soufflés or baking as they rely on their own techniques or hearsay,” she said.

“Basically, in a perfect world egg whites should be beaten using a dry, clean electric beater in a copper bowl.

“Why copper? One of the proteins in the egg white reacts with some of the copper that comes off the bowl when you're using it, and this stabilises the protein and stops it from over-beating.

“Of course, not many of us would have a copper bowl, so I recommend using a clean glass, metal bowl or ceramic bowl and add 2 mL of lemon juice and 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar before beating – it has a similar effect, stabilising your egg whites and stopping any overbeating.”

Ms Donnelly will host a live cooking show at the Perth Science Festival, Saturday, 16 August at 12.45pm at the Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Amphitheatre. 

To pre-order Eat, Drink, Think, for $6.50, register at

Eat, Drink, Think was seed-funded by Inspiring Australia and National Science Week 2014.


Note to editor

About the Author

Emma Donnelly and her partner Andrew Paton were contestants on My Kitchen Rules (MKR) season 3. The “Engaged Scientists” have since created Culinary Science, a company that combines all things food and science.

Ms Donnelly is also a science communicator, with a passion for exploring where science and food intersect. She has carried out many experiments with food, asking “why” a lot and trying out some molecular gastronomy.

Ms Donnelly believes food shouldn’t be intimidating, and neither should science. Her mission is to combine the two and share her passion with as many kids and adults as possible.

Media Contact: 

Emma Donnelly, Culinary Science

Mobile: 0408 955 234; Email:[email protected]

Web:; Twitter: @em_sci