Our passion for quality and consistency has seen us grow to become one of the leading suppliers of Australian foodservice products in WA.

We've been supplying the highest quality, fresh and frozen, seafood and food produce throughout WA since 2001. We've always been big supporters of local producers, and we're avid supporters of sustainable Australian produce - taking an active role in championing these fine products.

Endeavour Foods acts as a crucial link between producer and consumer. Through our close-knit supplier relationships, we’re able to provide the hospitality and retail industry with a large variety of some of the best produce around. 

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Geraldton Yellowtail Kingfish: This fish is simply the best quality sashimi grade fish currently available in Western Australia. Routinely harvested twice a week in Geraldton and delivered within 24 hours - it doesn’t get any better than that!

Cone Bay Barramundi: Premium quality, sustainable, ocean grown barramundi from the spectacular Cone Bay, northern WA. It is the only true ocean grown Barramundi in Australia, which exhibits true ocean saltwater flavours, similar to wild caught fish. 

Exmouth & Shark Bay Prawns: Premium prawns, wild caught in the pristine waters off the West Australian coast. Both are Marine Stewardship Council Certified as Sustainable Fisheries for their commitment to the ongoing care, and management, of WA’s prawn stocks.

Ocean Grown Abalone: Ocean Grown’s ranched Abalone is a completely natural, wild-harvested and super premium product. Grown & hand plucked from a safe and sustainable habitat in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta.

Rottnest Island Scallops: Rottnest Island Scallops (Amusium balloti) - in season, you simply can’t buy a fresher, more exquisite, local and sustainable seafood product.