“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese,” wrote Anthony Bourdain. We’re definitely with Tony on this one. Where once you had to look outside the state for a breadth quality and variety there’s now a growing movement of artisan cheesemakers. People like Chris Vogel at Buy West Eat Best member Dellendale Creamery. Back in the nineties Chris left the family farm in Denmark to apprentice in Europe. A year became ten and on his return to WA he brought his dream to life: creating products that are uniquely West Australian.

To Chris this is cheese “that doesn’t piggy-back off the styles everyone knows. We’re looking to create something known as Australian. A West Australian product. Our Outback Brie for example takes what you expect from traditional Brie and adds a ruggedness. With the infusion of bacteria and yeasts you’ve got the pungency and flavour expected but it’s got a robust quality that matches the outback. In its own right it is Australian not a copycat”.

Chris’ passion is matched by chefs like Amy Hamilton Liberte who recently shared this selection of the best of the Great Southern. “Amazing selection of cheese made by Porongurup Pure & Dellendale Creamery in Denmark. Pictured: Dellendale wattle seed washed rind and Camembert, and from the Porongurups, Sheep's Fetta, Haloumi, Milinup Gold, Caerphilly, Gouda and Manchego. This isn't even the entire range! Crazy”

Here’s to the cheese makers, eaters and lovers. Here’s to the romantics!