Sophie is a proud ambassador for Food Rescue and works closely with the organisation to raise awareness of food waste in WA. The organisation rescues over 20,000 kilograms of food per week from cafes, caterers, supermarkets and wholesalers across WA. Produce is sorted, quality checked and delivery by Food Rescue's dedicated band of volunteers to disadvantaged members of the community.

We sat down with Sophie to discuss how WA foodies can cook for a great cause at Taste Budds Cooking Studio, through the new and exciting Food Rescue Mystery Box Challenge.  

What is The Food Rescue Mystery Box Challenge and what does it involve?

It is a fast paced cooking challenge where teams are given a box of mystery fruit and vegetables rescued by Food Rescue as well as proteins and other larder ingredients. They have two hours to turn the raw produce into flavoursome dishes - the aim is to cook as much food as possible!

Once the final dishes are served up teams are judged on team work, taste, presentation and cleanliness in the kitchen as well as a secret spice taste test. A winning team is crowned and the group is then invited to sit down and enjoy a meal (BYO welcome).

The teams then pack up the dishes to transport to the charities – a group of 25 Mystery Box Challenge participants will produce approximately 125 meals. One of my favourite charities to visit is Uniting Care West’s Tranby House on Aberdeen Street – they feed over 200 homeless people every day!

What made you want to be involved in a partnership with Food Rescue?

When my good friend Julie Broad took on running Food Rescue and asked me to be a food ambassador. I am passionate about reducing food waste so it was a big YES! 

How many people have competed in the Food Rescue Mystery Box Challenge so far? What has been the response?

Good question! I have had 719 people compete in the Food Rescue Mystery Box Challenge, which means we have made approximately 4,314 meals for charity! Wow, I haven’t added up the numbers before – that’s amazing!

What’s your favourite dish that you’ve seen created in the Mystery Box Challenge so far?

It’s so difficult to choose just one! I had a guy last week that made fresh pasta from scratch – that was very impressive.

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