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Amelia Park

Amelia Park lamb and beef is sourced from a select group of farmers in the pristine South West.

All the producers we work with have a strict feeding regime to ensure they produce a very clean product each and every time.

We hand select from top breeders, putting the product through a strict selection criteria. Our beef carcasses range from 220kg to 280kg and must have a fat depth of no more than 8mm, which is a very high standard. Then there is the meat-colour criteria and the fat-colour criteria – all designed to assure customers they are buying the best beef in Western Australia.

Our lamb must pass similar strict criteria to be deemed worthy of the Amelia Park brand and it’s clearly winning over customers. Our lamb rack, for example, has become sought after at restaurants around Australia, while our roasts, shank, shoulder and tenderloin will also make you salivate.

Our range of products is available through Woolworths and IGA stores, as well as specialty stores. Pick your favourite cut up today and head to our recipes page for some suggestions on how to make the most of our premium produce. You will also find us on the menu at restaurants around the country.