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Jila Water

Proudly 100 percent Indigenous-owned, Jila Water supplies purified bottled water around Australia.

In some areas of the Great Sandy Desert, springs are considered ‘living’ waters and are known as Jila. Some are inhabited by powerful ancestral beings.

Many of these Jila are linked by Dreaming tracks that connect the countries of Martu, Yulparija, Juwaliny, Mangala, Wangkajunga and Walmajarri people.

The ancestral stories of these sites are recorded in the songs and dances that cross the desert, uniting people through shared ceremonies and lore.

Jila’s unique label includes an Acknowledgement of Country, where we encourage those drinking Jila Water to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which they stand – whether that be the land of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island people.

Just like nature, Jila Water is purified through evaporation and condensation, creating unadulterated H2O – pure and simple.

Delivered to mine sites across Australia, Jila Water can also be bought from selected retailers and gyms, or via the website.

Available in 600ml, 1.5L, 5L and 12L bottles.