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Organic & Biodynamic Meats WA (OBMWA)

OBMWA connects the producer to you, bringing the best quality certified organic meat from the paddock to your plate.

We ensure organic product integrity and consumer confidence with our 100 percent grass fed and finished beef, lamb, goat and pork.

All products are fully certified organic or biodynamic, meaning all farms, abattoirs and processing operations must have current certification by an AQIS accredited organic or biodynamic certifier.

Organic and biodynamic meat is grown on pasture, in a natural time frame. Each animal contains the unique flavour of the region where it is grown, with the different soil, climate conditions, pasture species and breeds of livestock, creating subtle and wonderful variations in taste, colour and texture. The products are healthy and nutrient dense, packed with protein, iron, omega 3, vitamin E and vitamin B12.

OBMWA supports local farmers who are considerate and care about the welfare of their land, their animals, and their consumers.  These producers are also passionate about ensuring quality meat, grazed on natural pasture and grown without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, reproductive or growth hormones, veterinary pharmaceuticals, artificial fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, or force-fed grains.

You can order our range online for home delivery to the Perth, Peel and South West regions. Other areas, such as Geraldton, are available.