Owner, chef, and nutritionist, Jasmine Segler's mission for Active Eating is to educate people about healthy eating while making their lives easier. Jasmine is passionate about quality over everything else and uses all local and seasonal WA produce.

Active Eating creates products with a high level of integrity, ensuring clients can get the most out of their food nutrition-wise, so they can optimise their health goals, nourish their bodies, and feel confidence they are purchasing a product they can trust.

Active Eating is a Meal Partner for F45 with the largest and only approved supplier of Challenge Meals on the west coast. They have been making Challenge Meals for over 2 years, contributing to incredible results achieved by F45 members, including a number of studio winners.

Specialising in organic, gluten-free, and custom creations, Active Eating delivers all over WA, from Geraldton in the North to Margaret River in the South. This will expand out to the whole of WA in the near future. 

Meals are available in 2 different individual sizes and a family size with containers made from fully recycled materials and meals vacuum sealed for freshness. They are also 100% microwave and oven-proof!

Meals can be customised to suit individual needs.

Active Eating makes fully customisable produce boxes. Add any items you like from your protein, fruit and veg, and pantry staples to ready-made-meals and snacks. 

Contact Details

Telephone:+61 400 110 683
Email:[email protected]

Facebook:Active Eating