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The Bee Firm

This proud family-owned business offers a healthy alternative to energy and soft drinks on the market.

The Bee Firm nrg (natural honey drink) took three years of trials and now the Bee Firm boasts three different drinks that are sure to please the palate.

To create our great-tasting drinks, we use the finest ingredients, including:

  • WA Darling Range honey from the Perth Hills – for flavour, sweetness and antibacterial/prebiotic features
  • WA Kakadu plum, from the Kimberley region – the highest Vitamin C content of any natural food in the world, 100 times more than an orange and our own Australian superfood

By buying Bee Firm products, you are not only treating yourself to a healthy and delicious drink, but supporting local beekeepers and Indigenous communities.

Our natural honey drinks are:

  • Bee nrg 250ml carbonated can
  • Bee nog 300ml pet bottle
  • Bee C aqua 300ml pet bottle