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Chunky Sambal

Chunky Sambal produces premium, authentic sambals made from local ingredients using family recipes adapted over time.

A Western Australian owned and operated business, Chunky Sambal was established in 2020 after perfecting the sambal recipe Aunt Lucy brought over with her family when she immigrated from Indonesia.

We believe in supporting local farmers and using clean and honest produce. Each jar of our delicious sambal will elevate any culinary experience — one drizzle is never enough. Try our:

  • Sambal Bawang —  Slow-cooked onions paired with fresh red chillies and topped with our secret seasoning
  • Sambal Padang Ijo — The distintive spicy characteristics of Padang, with slow-cooked onions and ripe green chillies
  • Sambal Penyet — Classic hot bird’s eye chillies and shrimp paste combine for a surefire umami bomb

All our sambals are gluten-free, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. They can be used in any dish as part of the cooking process or as a condiment with fried rice, noodles, sandwiches, pasta, burritos, barbecues, roasts, burgers … well, anything, really! You can buy them now online.