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Dellendale Creamery

Dellendale Creamery is a small cheesemaking factory with a long history in the dairy industry and a passion for producing firmer alpine-style cheeses.

We respect the heritage guidelines of traditional recipes and are inspired by our surrounds in Denmark, in the Great Southern.

We incorporate Australian flavours, adding native herbs and spices to the cheese through infused washes and sometimes as a flavour bomb inside the cheese. We also produce fresh cheese dips, classic soft white-moulds and our semi-firm Shadforth Tilsit and Churchill Rd Raclette.

We use hand labour to process the milk, cut the curd, wash and turn cheeses, and monitor curing and affinage. We ripen our cheeses in our climate-controlled cellars, with our firm to hard-cooked cheeses aged for six months or more.

Our milk is sourced from our neighbour’s modern robotic dairy, which allows the cows to self-select the time they are milked; some regularly visit the dairy up to three times in 24 hours to relieve the pressure in their udders.

For bulk orders, please contact our distribution agent in WA, Crump Agencies.