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Honey For Life

Honey For Life curates honey from remote forests in the South West, from bee to you (it’s bee-you-tiful).

Established in 1979, Honey For Life is now a leading commercial beekeeping and honey processing business, producing more than 200 tonnes annually of some of the world’s most sought-after honey. 

Our award-winning honey includes active and organically certified jarrah, karri and marri varietals that are unique to the region and are some of the most bio-active honeys in the world. 

Western Australia is also blessed with some of the world’s healthiest bees. With WA free from the pests and diseases affecting production overseas, our beekeeping operations are chemical free. And healthy, happy bees make excellent honey! 

Increasingly health-conscious consumers are driving demand for premium WA honey, which is an excellent source of nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.  

WA honeys boast some of the highest antibacterial and antimicrobial properties found in honey, with jarrah and marri having some of the world’s highest antioxidant levels. 

Honey For Life’s honeys have the highest total activity (TA) rating, which measures the antibacterial strength of honey, on Australian shelves. Our entire range is raw and cold-pressed, maintaining the effectiveness of the health-giving active ingredients. 

Our range includes: 

  • Super Jarrah TA 50+ 
  • Manuka MGO 250+ and MGO 400+ 
  • Certified Organic TA40+ 
  • Honey Bee Pollen 

We also produce specialty honeys from regional Western Australia. See our website for details.