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StamiLyte is an all-natural electrolyte drink concentrate containing 21 essential mineral and trace elements sourced from our artesian springs in Western Australia.

The essential minerals and trace elements in StamiLyte will absorb faster in your body than a tablet because they are in soluble form.

As we age, it is harder for our bodies to absorb these nutrients in ionic form, which can adversely affect our immune system.

Electrolytes help improve your body’s oxygen intake, nourish your muscles and improve metabolism.

We called our concentrate StamiLyte because we believe it’s a stamina-enhancing electrolyte drink.

All StamiLyte’s minerals and trace elements are sourced from artesian springs that are 18 million years old.

About 10ml of StamiLyte contains 1500mg of essential salt, minerals and trace elements, which can increase your energy levels and prevent dehydration from strenuous exercise.

Unlike many other electrolyte drinks, StamiLyte contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, salt, preservatives or colours.

StamiLyte is sold in 500ml bottles, with each bottle making 50 litres of electrolyte drinks to fully hydrate you.