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Wirra Gamba Olives

Wirra Gamba Olives is a Western-Australian owned olive grove on Fat Olive Farm in the beautiful Mid West.

We have more than 1500 manzanillo and frantoio olive trees, first planted in 1998. Our premier produce is our award-winning extra virgin olive oil, made with olives processed within 24 hours to maintain their freshness.

With environmental concerns about waste and sustainability, we have been supplying much of our olive oil in pouches, rather than bottles. They are lightweight, durable, convenient and an eco-friendly way to present our premium oil.

The pouches also reduce the risk of air contamination, keeping the oil fresher for longer, and weigh much less than traditional glass, reducing our carbon footprint by 80 percent.

Our 2021 harvest Hopes and Prayers is a blend of manzanillo and frantoio, with upfront buttery tones and a peppery finish. It is available in 2L and 1L pouches, as well as in a 250ml bottle and 5L jerry tin.