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Spoil mum from dawn to dusk

It may not be as fancy as a fine-dining restaurant or as expensive as fine jewellery but few things say "I love you” better on Mother’s Day than a home-cooked meal. 

Taking time to prepare a dish shows your mother – or the important mother figures in your life – that you care for her in a way that she has always cared for you.

Food is about nourishing those you love. Spending time together over a meal. Celebrating a special occasion with a sweet finish. And, of course, giving those who often do more than their fair share of cooking a day off from thinking about what to make for everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be a main meal. But it should just be tailored to her tastes and preferences. And, of course, be loaded with wonderful Buy West Eat Best produce.

Start the day on a good note – and that doesn’t mean waking her up early – with breakfast in bed. If she likes a heartwarming bowl of goodness, you can’t go wrong with a nutritious porridge, laden with apples and walnuts. The kids can even help make it. Or take the morning up a notch with egg Shakshuka. This traditional Arabic dish looks as lovely as it tastes – eggs poached in a gently spiced tomato sauce and topped with fresh herbs and feta. Yum!

If you have invited your mother around for lunch with the family, a shared platter is a great way to entertain. You can do all the prep before she arrives and then sit down and tuck into the food with everyone, rather than going back and forth to the kitchen. After all, she wants to enjoy your company, not just what you cook. This DIY pork belly banh mi platter is a hit with young and old and guests can choose how much they put in or leave out.

Is your mother a footy fanatic? If her team is playing away, invite her over to watch the game and make the food to match. And we’re not talking about any old meat pie. These beef and mushroom pies are rather luxurious, with a splash of truffle sauce from our beautiful Great Southern. She won’t even mind if the team loses (well, the pies will certainly take the sting out of a loss, at any rate).

Whether you serve it for lunch or dinner, there’s something so sensory about a roast. The sizzle from the pan, the scent wafting through the house, the way it looks when you bring it to the table. And did we mention the mouthwatering taste? This orange and rosemary chicken is a winner on all counts. Not only does it make the most of Western Australia’s beautiful seasonal oranges, but the potatoes are also cooked with it, making it easier for those unaccustomed to cooking a roast. We suggest serving for dinner with some of your mum’s favourite greens on the side.

And don’t forget something sweet. Dessert may not go with breakfast (and why not?), but you can always make mum a treat to have with you later in the day or take home to remind her of what lovely people she has in her life. Try this pear upside down cake or whole mandarin cake. Both make the most of seasonal ingredients and are delicious served warm or at room temperature.

And, mums, if you’re reading this and in need of a little home-cooked love, share the article with your loved ones. Why hint at what you’d like most this Mother’s Day when you can simply tell them how to show they care? We have heaps more inspiration for the cooks in your life, too.