Try our easy overnight Fig and Vanilla Jam recipe or this Fast Fresh Strawberry Jam from Farmer Jack’s.  If you are having trouble getting your jams to set (some summer fruits can be low in pectin, which helps them gel), try using jam setting sugar which has added pectin.

Dried Fruit

Whole bunches of grapes look and taste amazing on a cheese board, while slices of dried mango or peach will have the kids begging for that lunchbox treat every day. If you don’t have a dehydrator at home, check out these articles about dehydrating food without a dehydrator and making raisins from fresh grapes.


Have you heard about the benefits of homemade sauerkraut? The fermented cabbage dish is thought to aid gut health by being a good source of probiotic bacteria. Try this easy sauerkraut recipe from Jamie Oliver.


Channel your inner Italian and bottle your own tomato sauce or passata! Check out this recipe from Delicious Magazine and create your own pasta sauce base to use throughout the year. Why not make a social occasion out of it – preserving is more fun with friends!

If it’s sounding a bit labour intensive, check out the wonderful Buy West Eat Best members who have done the hard work for you creating a range of preserves from summer produce, in our grocery section.